Paradigm Tactical

Course Information

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Specialized Defensive Tactics - Level 1

Course Length: 3 Days

This dynamic course consists of proven standing and ground fighting techniques taught in a high speed format. During the three day class, all self-defense scenarios used are based on industry leading concepts and proven combat techniques. These techniques are also formulated after input from countless law enforcement encounters over the last twenty years. The final exercise of this course will be the Tactical Survival Drill which will encompass all techniques taught at real life speed.


Rapid Response - Active Shooter

Course Length: 3 to 4 Days

With increasing violence in the workplace, educational, religious institutions, and various other venues, rapid response tactics are paramount among law enforcement and military. One of our first priorities at PTTG is to help change the mindset of those who say “that will never happen here“ to “what can I do to prepare for the event”. Once this is achieved, then the task begins of preparing for an active shooter situation.

This active shooter program is a minimum 24 hour course. During this course the student will learn and be able to apply the 360 degree principle of movement, Plus 1 philosophies, room entries, hallway movement, movement through doorways, and firearm accuracy and discipline. This class is fast paced and will require some level of drive and determination. The course will conclude with a large scale scenario putting to use all of the tactics learned throughout the course.


Women's Self Defense

Course Length: 4 Hours

This course is designed for the average woman. The tactics are easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to employ in the stress of a violent encounter or the subtle aggression of a “date rape” scenario. The basics of this system include situational awareness, preventive measures, risk reduction, legal issues, alternative weapons, empty hand fighting techniques and avoidance information.

Being more aware and confident significantly reduces your chances of ever becoming selected as a target of aggression.